PANDEMIC WINDOW SHOPPING: A viral challenge creates this unique fashion photo essay opportunity

July, 2020

Crazy times call for crazy solutions. And with the coronavirus outbreak earlier this year playing havoc with social lives, photographers are coming up with creative ways to capture live images, while practising the required physical distance of two metres to curtail the epidemic.

After seeing a news story of a photographer taking portraits of subjects through their windows, our equally creative Brenda Lakeman wanted to use that method for a photo shoot. She found the ideal storefront at Who Cares Wear in St. Albert and went right to work. The result is this stunning photo essay.

Mackage “Mai” Coat $790 David Lerner “Lola” Safari Maxi Shirt Dress $335 Rebecca Minkoff “Edie Flap” Shoulder Bag $400 Jocelyn Kennedy Hoop Fringe Earrings $55
Smythe “Pouf Sleeve” Blazer $695 Senso “Quillan” Boots $330 GRLFRD “Karolina” Denim Jeans $350 Jocelyn Kennedy Chain Earring $195
Smythe “Not a Double Breasted Blazer” $795 David Learner “Eva” Cami $170 AG “Farrah” Denim Jeans $315 Michael Kors “Irving” Shoes $190 Jocelyn Kennedy Lucite Earrings $45 Shakti “Chakra Tread” Necklace $175