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January / February 2020

January, 2020


Marriage & Millenials

While most young adults aren’t big on matrimony, the rest of their peers take it very seriously

Madison Anderson recalls being though the spin cycle of the relationship wringer a few times too many before she met Mr. Right.… Read


Bridal Avenue

Say yes to the dress

A wedding day is often one of the most important, cherished, and memorable events to occur during an individual’s lifetime. But with… Read


Winter Party Snacks

It’s cold and dark this time of year, but with that comes an opportunity for cozy gatherings. Have a few friends in,… Read

From The Editor

Happy New Year, everyone, and with that we hope you are all enjoying a good start to 2020. It’s a time to start anew, and probably an unusual way to draw attention to this issue’s theme surrounding marriage. But when you think about it, a chorus of Auld Lang Syne isn’t much different from vows exchanged at the altar. Both symbolize beginnings for all involved.

At a period when change is rampant, even the institution of marriage has morphed with the times. We thought it would be interesting to find out what matrimony means to millennials, a generation pegged as being determined to uproot the social status quo and replace it with an entirely new and more inclusive set of values. Their perspectives on the topic might surprise you on page 5.

Contingent with the theme, we also look at the state of wedding registries (page 14), explore Iceland as a marital destination (page 26), visit Bridal Path wedding boutique (page 21) and even chat with artist Mabel Garcia whose specialty is creating unique
pieces of wedding art (page 8).

Marriage might be on the minds of young adults, but for those still in secondary school, graduation is their big goal. We look at the history of St. Thomas Aquinas to see how it’s managed to get kids through the system on page 24. We also offer some succulent snacks to take your mind off the cold (page 16).

Hopefully, this will help get your new year off right. All the best in 2020!