Mason Jar Salad

September, 2019

Just about any salad can be packed in a Mason jar. The only rule is to keep the delicate veggies at the top and the crunchy ones at the bottom (where the vinaigrette is).

2 tbsps vinaigrette

1 handful matchstick carrots

1 handful snap peas

1 handful chopped yellow peppers

1 handful cherry tomatoes

1 boiled egg, sliced in halves or quarters

1 handful mesclun salad mix

Pour your vinaigrette in the bottom of the Mason jar, and then add a layer of carrots, followed by snap peas, peppers, tomatoes, eggs and, lastly, the mesclun mix. Screw on the lid, and store it standing upright in your lunch container. When it’s time to dig in, give the jar a shake to distribute the vinaigrette, and either pour the salad into a bowl or eat it straight from the container