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September – October 2019

January, 2019



A growing number of schools require students to wear uniforms, but do the results justify stricter dress codes?

At first, Patricia Bullock was having none of it. “I was pretty sure the world was going to end,” she laughs. Bullock… Read


Jack’s Drive In


As much as she had loved Jack’s Drive-In growing up, current co-owner Mandy O’Donnell never really liked the French fries. So, when… Read



trength Through Sisterhood - The Mystic Sisters address the needs of modern women through ancient practices

The Mystic Sisters are fully versed in the divine and powerful lessons taught by the universe. One they experienced recently was that… Read

Kids, back to school snacks

Snacking with Class : Treat your scholarly kids with these goodies, graded A for Appetizing!

With back to school comes long study sessions, late nights at the library and long lineups at the coffee shop, but hopefully… Read

From The Editor

Welcome to T7X magazine!

My name is Rob Lightfoot, and I’m the publisher of T7X Magazine. Having grown up in a community connected to Edmonton, I feel so much of what makes Greater Edmonton unique is the communities that surround it. These communities, Spruce Grove included, are where we sleep, eat, play, recreate and raise our families. We make a home in our communities, as my family has made a home in a wonderful community. And a home is exactly what I hope this magazine will be. A home for ideas, a home for conversations, a place to invite people in—a place for you.

Asking questions, examining pop-culture and contributing to the community are things I’ve always done. It runs in the family. As a kid, I remember my parents volunteering in community organizations and sitting on boards and how my sister actively challenged the status quo on social issues.

Since then, my career has included memorable jobs, such as starving as a young sales rep for the U of A’s radio station, working for the record company (yes, record company) that released Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise, planning tours as a booking agent for over 80 US touring acts (many of whom slept on my couch) and becoming the sales manager and,
subsequently, publisher for Vue Weekly and PostVue Publishing.

Five years go, I left my job of nearly 16 years to take on the challenge of delivering to unique communities publications like the one you hold in your hands. This began with T8N Magazine in St.Albert, but I felt that other communities deserved magazines they could call their own.

T7X Magazine is the result of countless hours of hard work by our creative team. I wish to thank each of them, Brenda Lakeman, Correna Saunders and Gene Kosowan for their tireless energy, amazing ideas and enthusiasm. We are so proud of the results.

On behalf of us all, I sincerely hope you will enjoy what we’ve made and that it will feel like…home.




Print Edition